If I published a book, would you buy it?

What a loaded question!

I'm working through a whole load of questions about trying to get some of my pictures and words together for a book.  It's a big task - and one that would be a bit pointless if nobody was interested in owning it!

So, if you are here you must have seen some of pictures and if you go here you read some of my words.

Would you buy one?  And if you would, how much would you pay?  What format would be best - I am thinking about a landscape format book, with a stiff cover.  (And I'm going to get a proof-reader!)

All feedback and suggestions welcome - please be honest!

I would probably sell the book through on-line sites such as E-bay or maybe Etsy.

My aim would to be to cover my costs rather than make money.

What are you thoughts?



Pat Tillett said...

I've been thinking about doing the same thing and I'm not at all sure about it. I'll come back with a response.

Andrea Priebe said...

Are you planning to self publish or go through a publisher? I would suggest you look into Amazon ... they sell a lot of self published books and they have wide coverage. Would I buy the book? Do you need to ask? I've been waiting for you to make this move ... I am all for it!!!

Andrea @ From The Sol

Margaret Adamson said...

HI Stewart Well this would be a big under taking. I think the idea that Andrea put to you about Amazon is a good one.I know from a Friend who published a fantastic bird book that is its very expensive to do so and therefore his book was prohibited for some to buy. So there is a lot to look into before you commit to this project however your writings and photographs are certainly worthy of publication and I would buy it. Remember postage also could be costly for overseas customers.

Pete Shanley said...

Reckon I would!

Pete Shanley said...

& possibly buy a second!

pattisjarrett said...

I think it's a great idea, and agree with the others about Amazon. There is the issue of shipping internationally, as Margaret stated. Keep us posted!

Adam Jones said...

A great idea Stewart and something I'd like to do in the future. I agree with you about hardback and landscape. That would work for me. Price I guess would depend on the number of pages/pictures etc, but for me I'd be prepared to pay between £15-£20 for such a book, more if was more weighty. Interested to hear what you finally decide to do. Good luck with it if you take it on.

CabinGirl said...

Stewart, I'm sorry I was away when you posted this. If you're still considering it, I whole-heartedly say go for it.

Publishing has changed so much and there's a company called Blurb that produces beautiful books all digitally.

The retired bird prof that I band with published a book on odonates and he said it was incredibly easy to do.

The company basically asks how much you want to make on each book then it helps you set a price, taking into consideration the production. I'm pretty sure they're produced on-demand so there's no inventory, huge up front costs, etc.

I have a copy of his book and it's really quite a nice product. Good paper quality, nice binding and a solid cover (I bought the hard cover).

He then put a link up on Amazon and his site for people to purchase them. I don't know how many he's sold, but it was an undertaking he'd always wanted to do and he did it! At really no expense.

Here's his page on Amazon if you want to check it out:

And here's Blurb:

Keep me posted! :-)

Rambling Woods said...

Yes I would.. I was also going to suggest Blurb....

Liz said...

I'd definitely be interested!
I have written my first photo book about my cruise to Alaska via Albumworks. It was rather costly but it is fantastic to see my images in print. My Mum paid for it as a gift... she also wanted my photos printed as she went on the cruise with me.

I have heard that Blurb are very good.