Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Wild Bird Wednesday 202 - Redshank

The wonderful damp fields of Orkney gave up another wader for me - the Redshank (Tringa tetanus)

Like the Curlew in the last WBW post this is a bird with a falling population - changes in faming methods on the wet grasslands where they breed are  the most likely cause of the decline in numbers of both of these birds.  This is not a situation I feel will have been helped by recent political results in the UK.

These pictures (taken at two different locations) show the bird in a classic 'in breeding territory' pose - standing on top of a high point looking out for trouble or possibly food.

If you click the blue button you should be able to link up with WBW - I say 'should' as there was a glitch for a while last week.  Hope all is well this time.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

More from Orkney

For all that I (occasionally) moan about being too busy - there are benefits to such activity.  These landscapes were taken in Orkney, which is as far north in the world as I have ever been.  And when they pop up I will be spending a few days on (almost) the most southerly point of Australia.

If busy means such richness, who am I to complain.

Both of these pictures were taken near the Ring of Brogan, on 'Mainland' Orkney.

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Monday, 27 June 2016

The measure of all things

While I was in Glasgow I noticed these metal plates on the wall of the "City Chambers" at the east end of George Square.  Today, there are insanely complex ways of determining the exact length of a meter and such like.  While these metal measures are not really some form of international standard, I do like the way they point back to a simpler age.  Unfortunately, the measures of the longer distances are either no longer there, or they were hidden.

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Friday, 24 June 2016

Grey and Green

Oh, why an I so busy!!

Here is a sort of landscape sky shot from Orkney - I feel that I am becoming interested in these kinds of 'empty' landscape shots, rather than the more busy - but maybe more familiar form.  Of course, that could all be nonsense.

I will have some time to spare in the next ten days, so lets see what happens photographically!

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