About WBW.

Well the simple answer is that I will be organizing “Wild Bird Wednesday”.
So here it is, and here is what to do (as if you don’t already know!)
·         Post a picture of a wild bird on your own blog
·         Make sure you include a link back to this blog in the post
·         You can use the image below as a logo for this meme.
·         Use the linking tool on the WBW post to connect back to your blog
·         Then use the links to visit other people blogs, comment, offer advice and encouragement
·         Simple really.
I hope we can build a group based on both a love of birds and photography.   I don’t think we should shy away from offer constructive criticism of the photographs that are posted – not matter how good a photographer you become, there will always be somebody better than you are!

I want this to be a gathering for all people who take pictures of birds - phone snappers, high end DSLR wielders and everyone in between are welcome - the more people the better. 
I will post “Wild Bird Wednesday” early on the Wednesday morning (Eastern Australian time) and leave it open until midday Saturday.  I may not always be able to reply to comments straight away – but I will get there eventually.  If you don't leave a comment (and don't feel obligated to do so) it may take a bit longer for me to get to your blog - and in a busy week, I may not get there at all!
Hope this works!


  1. So glad you're taking this on, Stewart! Nice to have another good writer following Springman.

  2. I second what Connie says about 'good writer'. But I always loved the sentence Springman included that said something like 'you don't have to be a professional bird photographer to enter'. I hope that will still be true. (I don't have any birds to enter right now, good pictures or bad.) They're harder to get here in Oregon than they are in Florida.

    Again, glad you stepped up for this.

  3. Thanks, Stewart, for keeping the WBW group alive and well! I also hope that Springman will be our constant companion. Will have to learn how to calculate Australian time-- did you mean that the meme will open early each Wednesday and close early each Friday?

  4. Good for you Stewert for picking up the baton and running with it! I have been quite busy the past few weeks and have been unable to participate in World Bird wednesday so I did not even know it ended until I read it on someone else's blog! I am sorry to hear that Springman let it go but thankful that you decided to carry on with your own version of it. Good luck and I do hope you build that community of photographers and birders that you hope for! My husband and I are currently in the middle of a move back to
    Tucson, AZ, so it may be awhile before I can participate again.

  5. OH MY GOSH!!! You have no idea how happy I was to see a link to this on Brians Blog!!! Thank you, Thank you... a million thank yous Stewart!!! I was missing WBW already (I too am a creature of habit) and wondering what I was going to do with all the bird shots I seem to be amassing.
    I'm really looking forward to linking with you each week!

    Ditto to Connie too :)

  6. I love your button too! Nice Pied Oystercatcher shot!! :)

  7. Wow I just now found this link. I am too late for this week but I am bookmarking and will do my best to work in birds also next Wednesday!

  8. What a wonderful group you've pulled together, Stewart! I'm having fun clicking on everyone's links.

    Think I correctly added mine, but who knows (thumbnail hasn't appeared yet, but it could take awhile).

    Thanks for hosting this great collection!

  9. Next week I'm hoping to participate in my first WBW, and I'm looking forward to everyones posts. Thanks for hosting it, Stewart!

  10. Ell I have managed to post my first WBW entry and think I have managed to do all the links in both directions!!
    Wonderful idea Stewart and many thanks for the invite, particularly as I am brand new to blogging ;-)
    Bedtime in the UK now, but I shall be back tomorrow to enjoy the other links

    Thanks again

  11. Are bird painters also allowed to Wild Bird Wednesday? :)

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  15. Now I know why WBW has been among the missing..Looks complicated at first glance...Will have to think about this one !!! How's your kitty?