Thursday 21 July 2011

Magnetic Island (Friday Skies)

As you may have gathered I spent last week on Magnetic Island in Queensland. It was great. Cool enough at night, but nicely warm during the day. But one thing was missing to get really good skies - we had very few clouds! Now I'm not claiming thats a problem - its just a nice irony that the best skies seem to come when you have some cloud.

Anyway, these are about the best two sky shots I came up with. Another reason for the lack of skys could have been that I spent too long taking photographs of the abundant birds! Such is life.

You can find more images of the sky here at Skywatch Friday.You can find my other blog by clicking on the link on the RHS or by looking at the My Other Blog tab at the top of the page.


  1. Gorgeous skies and terrific captures, Stewart! It looks like such a lovely and peaceful place! Glad you had lots of birds to keep you and your camera busy! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Happy SWF!


  2. Beautiful skies. The first shot is awesome.

  3. They are wonderful photos, Stewart. You live in a beautiful country.

  4. oooh lucky you!
    the best time to visit qld is winter
    too hot in summer!

  5. Wonderful skies! That first one is so peaceful.

  6. I would like to have the problem of few beautiful skies but many interesting birds. :))

  7. Very nice photos, especially I like the first one.