Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Wild Bird Wednesday 416 - Silver Gulls

The Silver Gull (Chroicocephalus novaehollandiae) is the most common gull in Australia.  It is the default gull of beaches, swamps, chip shops and pretty much everywhere you find gulls.

Silver Gulls are not a large gull - being about the same size (more or less) as a Black-Headed Gull in the UK.

These birds were loafing about on the beach at Waratah Bay in Victoria last week.  I like the emptiness of these pictures, and the stillness, which somehow seems to fit my current mood.

We were lucky enough to be able to go away for a few days last week, hence the trip to Waratah Bay, but we are now back in a 'soft lock-down' - which basically means that birding trips are not really possible.  I should have showing a friend of mine the wonders of Victorian birds at this time - but clearly not.

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Stay Safe. SM

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  1. I see this week we are thinking alike with gulls Stewart. Thanks for hosting, stay safe and have a good week ahead

  2. Nice set of pictures. I never see gulls we seldom go anywhere where they are!! Have a good week Diane

  3. Silver Gull is very handsome, Stewart, and I would have loved to have renewed my acquaintance with them right about now.

  4. In the second shot of the bird with the open mouth, I can imagine the sound.

  5. I like gulls. Going to the beach would not be the same iif they weren't there. Nice shots, and lovely reflections.

  6. They are keeping their social distance! Here in Florida we are returning to many of the restrictions early in the lock-down. Doesn't change much for us as we have been voluntarily home-bound except to pick up groceries curbside once a week. No need to buy gasoline as the tank is still half full after three months.

  7. Hari OM
    I love them - so balletic compared to the Herring gulls of which I see my glut! YAM xx

  8. Let's hope your lockdown is short and without victims!
    Thanks for hosting.
    All the best!

  9. Beautiful photos! I miss shooting at the seaside a bit. There, even the popular seagulls evoke emotions, because they are accompanied by the sound of waves and the smell of water.

  10. Handsome birds, and they look quite self-satisfied!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Scenes like this make you "forget" what's out there, Stewart. Thank you and STAY HEALTHY!!!...:)jp

  12. Hello steward
    how the seagull stands on one leg looks very nice, great post
    Regards Frank