Tuesday, 3 April 2012

World Bird Wednesday - Purple Swamp Hen

During a trip to one of my local ponds (its the one shown yesterday) I found these Purple Swamp Hens crashing about in the reed beds.  They are rather big, often very cross and they tend to throw their weight about a bit.  But I still like them!

You can find more birds from around the world at World Bird Wednesday.

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Enjoy the birds.


NixBlog said...

Great photos of this striking looking bird, Stewart!

TexWisGirl said...

it's a beauty! :)

Arija said...

I snapped a whole heap of them on the Murray in Renmark. I'll probably be posting them next week.

Bush and Beach said...

Stunning bird & yes he does look a bit bossy :)

John said...

Hi Stewart,
They look like a huge Coot to my untrained eye, although the bill is a bit different!
Lovely photos of a bird that I will never see in the wild.

Imaginography said...

They sound like birds of character! I like the top photo a lot :)