Tuesday 3 April 2012

Our World Tuesday - Wetland Curves

Short and to the point today! (Which is rare for me!)

This wetland is just down the hill from my kids school. I like the curves of the water, the stream and the boardwalk. Not much else to say really, so I’ll stop!

Hope you like it as well.
You can find more (and possibly more scenic) pictures from around the world at Our World Tuesday.

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Enjoy the pictures.


  1. Nice capture and I like the perspective from the high spot where you were standing, Stewart.

  2. Hi, that looks like a pleasant spot for a walk.

  3. An interesting photo and I like the curve in the boardwalk very much. Someone has a good sense of design!

  4. That looks so peaceful!

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  6. Such a beautiful place, STEWART and I think so much to see!
    Greetings from Holland,
    Anna :-))

  7. Hi Stewart,
    Thank you for telling it to me and I'm so sorry!
    I do not know how it comes... I think, it has to do with my dyslexia... I have chance it.
    Greetings, Anna :-))