Sunday 6 March 2011

My World Tuesday - Butterflies

I could hear the garden calling this weekend - the end of summer and the end of the veggie patch. Was pulling up weeds, old long forgotten lettuces and the rank remains of tomato plants when I noticed a small bright orange and brown butterfly.

The weeding was rapidly (and rather thankfully) abandoned and the camera fetched - these are the results. The orange and brown one is (I think) a Greenish Grass Dart. There were also some small blue butterflies about. I normally only see these when they flush out of the grass, but on this day they were a little more cooperative. These turned out to be Common Grass Blues. Neither of them are more than about 3 cm from wing tip to wing tip.

I never did finish tidying the garden!
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Have a good Tuesday!


  1. Yes, hunting with the camera is much more fun, especially when such pretty little creatures are the models!

  2. Such gorgeous butterflies, Stewart, and your photos are terrific! Definitely the most fun way to hunt! Hope you have a great week!


  3. I love seeing these great butterfly photos! As far as actually FINISHING tidying the garden, I didn't know that ever happened! :) I am looking forward to some warm days so I can BEGIN my garden's spring cleanup.

  4. Yes, it is so much more fun to run after butterflies!

  5. Great reminders of summer for us. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  6. Your photos look nice and I enjoyed your story :-) While your summer is winding down here we are just nearing spring and my garden needs a good cleaning before I can begin to plant. I need to wait for the rains to stop and warmer weather first.