Tuesday 22 March 2011

World Bird Wednesday - Crested Pigeon.

The Crested Pigeon is neither iconic nor clothed in bright plumage - but I like to see them anyway - and who could resist the crest!

These birds have become more common in Melbourne during the drought - now that it seems to have started raining again I wonder if they will move back inland.

You can find many more images of birds from around the world at World Bird Wednesday.

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Enjoy the birds!


  1. Interesting bird Stewart!!!

  2. Fotokarusellen said...
    Beautiful bird, nice pictures and great new blog. Bravo!
    I am also new in this blog world. You have got a new follower.
    Have a nice day.

  3. What a fanciful bird in fancy plumage! Why does Australia always have the best birds!

  4. Very Unique Bird!! SUPER addition to WBW!

  5. A new one for me. Thanks for sharing Stewart.

  6. Those birds are common in my yard. The patterns of their plumage is quite beautiful. Great photos.

  7. We have them here every day and they are a beautiful bird. Good photo.

  8. such a beautiful dove. I never seen any with a crest before. :)

    If you are interested to watch I have 2 entries. :)
    NF Costa Rican Birds

    NF birds Sweden

  9. My concept of what is possible in bird design expands every time I tune into your blog.
    Mr. Stewart, you are a great treasure!

  10. Awesome shots of a really cool bird Stewart! I would never have imagined a pigeon with a crest. I love the plumage too.