Monday 27 June 2011

My World Tuesday - Between the showers

It was a wet and windy weekend. I dodged showers, ferried kids from place to place and generally did all those dad type of things that keep you from taking photographs!

Late on Sunday afternoon the larger of my small people was bursting out of his skin, and seemed likely to explode. So we went for a walk. As we stepped out of the door it started raining! But the clouds were being pushed through by a cold wind and every now and then the sun came out.

I found two things that I wanted to photograph. The first was a plant pushing through a fence out into the day light, and the second was the end of a house where the light was playing over the roof line, with a dark sky behind. I thought that both were about architecture - one natural the other human.

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  1. i love the light play on both of these. loved your description 'the larger of my small people'. so cute!

  2. Have to agree with texwisgirl, love your description!! And the lighting in your photos is indeed superb, Stewart! Have a great week, stay dry!


  3. Oh dear, your weather sounds a bit like ours! I really like how you've captured the light in both photos.

  4. a walk in the rain
    how very Melbourne!

    clever capture of light and shadow

  5. well, dyou did have a photo opportunity. :) I like the last oen where the sun shines on the building. It is drama in that one. I guess your son cooled down. :)

  6. Plants growing through a fence always attract me. This is a good combination. Well spotted.