Sunday 2 October 2011

Our World Tuesday - Big Waves

When tide, time and wind conspire Point Lonsdale can experience some rather large waves. At the top of the tide they break over the walkways – much to the delight of the kids and photographers with motor-drives!

These images were taken a while ago – but I really like them. They are all about summer and the excitement of childhood. We have lapsed back into winter here for a few days, so this gives me something to look forward to!

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Enjoy the pictures from around the world


  1. Nice for you to know that Summer is on its way back. Our heatwave ended suddenly, it has gone from the high 80's to very cold and windy again, and we have snow predicted for the end of this month.
    Very nice photo's,I hope you didn't get salt spray in your camera. Remember how the waves break over Whitby piers, dangerous to get too close there.

  2. It's kind of like jumping in a puddle - but this way, you can claim it's accidental!!

  3. While summer is heading your way, winter is heading mine! We are both n the in-between time. Nice photos of the waves.

  4. Hey, really nice sequence of shots. Love the build-up to the last one.

    Stewart, I would dearly like to hear about your fid on the Great Ocean Road.