Sunday 8 January 2012

Macro Monday - an early bee

The sunflowers on our raised beds are doing well and are starting to have regualr visits from bees and butterflies. This picture was taken early in the morning in a rather nice light.

You can find more close up and macro shots at Lisas Chaos.

You can find the most recent post from my other blog by clicking on the Paying Ready Attention link on the RHS of the page.

Enjoy the close ups!


  1. so nice to see a big summer bloom!

  2. Gorgeous sunflower Stewart! I love photographing bees (even though I am allergic!)

  3. It's gorgeous! I so love sunflowers! :-)
    Guess what I found in the middle of our trash & dirt mounts yesterday? 3 tiny sunflowers!
    I hope to catch a rain break today (yes, it's raining!) and get some pics :)

  4. Beautiful sunflower, set me up right for the morning here, which is still pitch black!!

  5. A beautiful sunny shot! Our bee population seems to be declining, so a lot of my garden didn't get pollinated last summer.

  6. Gorgeous colors...and incredible find on the blossom.

    MACRO 'SHROOMS. If you have time, stop by and say hello.

  7. Gorgeous, brilliant color and light!

    Happy MM

  8. What a lovely spot of cheery yellow your sunflower is.