Thursday 19 January 2012

Skywatch Friday - Big Skies at Mannerim

Noticed this sky when I was (of all things) waiting to be allowed through some road works today. I thought it was a great “big sky” kind of image. I parked the car just down the road and walked back up to take the picture. I got as close to the ground as I could in an attempt to make the sky look as big as I could.

The people working on the road must have thought I was crazy. See – I’m willing to suffer for my art!

The sky is on the Bellarine Peninsula near Mannerim for those who need to know that sort of thing.

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Enjoy the skies


  1. Hi Stewart, your photo gives justice to the dirt you got on your shirt for lying down! Our skies are full of these scenes so sometimes we don't notice them anymore. haha!

  2. Oh, it is indeed a big sky! And a beautiful one as well! Love the puffy clouds and the rich blue color of the sky! Hope you have a great weekend, Stewart! Thanks for sharing the beauty!


  3. just another crazy aussie taking crazy photos... it is beautiful!

  4. You sure did make the sky look big!

    Oh, I rarely worry what onlookers think when I get into crazy positions to take a photo. Unless I KNOW the onlookers, that is. I like being anonymous. :)

  5. The sky is HUGE! Did you use a special lens? Hapyy SWF:)

  6. How did you take a photo like this. Did you lay down? ^_^ It's very beautiful!


  7. Wonderful sky shot - so full of freedom!

    Thanks for suffering for our pleasure... ;-)

  8. What we crazy photographers do for art! And somehow the story of what we did to get the photo always seems to attach to the photo! Like a memory connection! The clouds almost seem as if they are pressing downwards on the earth! Great shot!

  9. Glad you are willing to suffer for your art, Stewart! It builds character (and creates some wonderful artwork!).

  10. Hi Stewart. I love the perspective you got. It does make the sky look so BIG.
    I often get looks from people as I photograph in different positions... sprawled on the ground seems to get the most looks, or shooting from underneath (and standing back up all covered in grass, dirt or whatever the surface was).
    I still have to find the courage to lie on my back under some very old buildings in the middle of the city... I think that would be a great perspective!

  11. Oh, how we suffer! LOL. I feel very conspicuous when I squat down and photograph the ground in front of me; like when I see something heart shaped :-) I actually try not to do it too much locally LOL!