Sunday 11 March 2012

Macro Monday - Pink Seaweed.

I'm back in the land of less than great inter-net access. So, here is a short post for Macro Monday.
While walking on the beach today I found this pink seaweed. Wave washed and abandoned on the beach it was a splendid colourful find on a rather grey day.

You can find more Macro shots at Lisa Chaos.

You can find the latest post to my other post by clicking the Paying Ready Attention image on the RHS of the screen.

Enjoy the close ups.


  1. Hi Stuart, where have you been, haha! I haven't seen a pink seaweed though i've been to lots of beaches too. Maybe it is only in Oz! I am sorry for the fate of Blotanical, I am not regularly going there lately because our internet connection is not fast too, but i know what is happening. God bless and may everything be sorted out easily soon! and thank you for giving us Blotanical and friends.

  2. Lovely macro ~ you are right ~ similar photo taking ~ I did notice pink seaweed on the beach and had never seen or noticed it before ~ thanks ~ namaste, carol ^_^

  3. That is a very bright, cheerful color!

  4. Lovely pink color of this seaweed.

    Regards and best wishes

  5. Hi Stewart. Nice capture. Looks like some of that pink seaweed is starting to get bleached out at the tips.

  6. Lovely color in this photo!

    Happy MM