Friday, 29 September 2017

Down in the woods tonight (well, in July really!)

When I was in the Lake District in the UK, I set up a Trail Cam / Night Camera in the woods behind the house we had rented.  There were lots of signs of animal activity in the woods - and I got lots of images of mice!  Larger animals were rather less abundant, and in some cases a little camera shy!

So, here are three videos - a fox and two badgers.   I had hoped for rather clearer footage - but I am on a steep learning curve with both trail cams and video.  So here they are!

I hope to be getting some Australian footage over the next couple of days - so, there may be some marsupials on the way.  Cheers SM


  1. I can't wait to get a Critter Cam! What fun...I enjoyed seeing these, and look forwards to the footage from Australia too.

  2. Stewart, I am so glad you began this BECAUSE now I can pick your brain. I have had several critters here in the yard since I no longer have the dogs and am contemplating a "cam". I would love to get a fox as you did and I've never seen a real badger in action!!!...:)JP

  3. Better than being down in the dumps ;) My step daughter has a critter cam..They have a lot of fun with it on their farm..Enjoy your weekend..

  4. Those are great Stewart!
    I've often thought about getting one myself.