Tuesday 1 January 2019


One of the great things about 2018 was that I got to spend a week back in the South West of England - this is where I was born, and where I lived until I was about 20.

One of the places I visited when I was back was Chagford, a wonderful little village on the edge of Dartmoor.  There may be places that are more English than this little corner of the world, but on the other hand there may not be!

I can recommend The Three Crowns - although there are a decent number of other option as well.

Like many English villages, Chagford huddles around its church - in this case the church of St Michael the Archangel. This church was consecrated in July 1261!

 This last picture was not taken in the church!

You can find more shots from around the world at Our World Tuesday.

The end of 2018.

It would be reasonable to say that the end of 2018 has been a bit up and down for me.  I did a six day walk in Tasmania with H, which was truly remarkable, and I had to say goodbye to our wonderful old cat Mr. Hudson, which was truely awful.  I won't forget either event in a hurry.

"There's a little bit of magic in everything, and then some loss to even things out".

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year.  SM


  1. Hari om
    Oh Stewart, sorry to hear of Mr Hudson's demise. My condelence to you and family. Yet, also, you have my heartiest wishes for a wonderful, adventuresome and meaningful 2019. YAM xx (who, BTW, enjoyed these photos muchly! :-))

  2. Happy New Year to you!
    Such a lovely church you featured today.

  3. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Hudson and I am sorry to hear of his demise. There is no question that a pet becomes part of one’s family and their passing is distressing. Please accept the condolences of Miriam and me.

  4. Hi Stewart... just stopped by to wish you and yours a Happy and Healthy New Year... hope it is a good one for all!

    Sorry about your Mr. Hudson.... it is so sad when we lose a furry friend .... I still have dreams where I see our old cat that we had as kids... she looks as beautiful as ever. She never aged then, and never ages in my dreams either....


  5. Hello Stewart... All the Best for the New Year to you too!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and your clear explanations.
    Looking forward to hearing more of your bird watching adventures!...

  6. Hi Steward. I'm so sorry to hear of Mr. Hudson's departure. I know how much he meant to you, and fully understand how devastating his loss must be.

    I hope that 2019 brings you peace and happiness - - - - Richard

  7. Sorry to hear about Mr. Hudson - heartbreaking, I know.
    Best Wishes for all things good in the New Year!

  8. Oh my..I'm so sorry to hear about Mr Hudson..I still haven't gotten over my dear Max..probably never will..It's very hard..devastating...
    Beautiful old church..wonderful pictures..I love old architecture.
    All the best to you in 2019..I hope it brings lots of joy and happiness to you and your family..

  9. They don't drink beer in church?? :) Enjoyed your photos of this lovely English church. Happy New year!

  10. That is interesting how villages are built around their churches. The older the village the more likely I suppose. Not yet the New Year here and five hours before the ball drops but I guess it's a belated Happy New Year to you.

  11. I'm sorry to hear about Mr Hudson. We also lost a little friend this year.

    But I hope 2019 brings you lots of ups! Happy New Year :)

  12. Happy New Year for you and your familie.
    M Hudson is in peace and leaves good memories for those who loved them.

  13. That is an amazing shot of the stained glass window, something I struggle with!
    So sorry about Mr Hudson, always so difficult to say goodbye to four-legged members of the family but they always leave such wonderful memories. Happy New Year, Diane

  14. 1261 Wow...that's even before I was born.

    Hoppae nu yaer

  15. Beautiful church. I was born in England too but now living in New Zealand.

  16. I'm so sorry about Mr H. Beautiful English Church and love the picture from (I assume) the Three Crowns. Thanks for sharing the birds, the joys, and the downsides ... I look forward to more of the former two.