Tuesday 24 November 2020

Wild Bird Wednesday 435 - New Holland Honeyeater

While I was out at Bushy Park last week, I spent some time leaning on part of a bridge waiting for some New Holland Honeyeaters (Phylidonyris novaehollandiae) to come and feed in a flowering bush.   I think that the bush is a Bottlebrush - or Callistemon.  I think that the Honeyeaters don't care what its called - its a wonderful source of food for them what ever its name is!

Although New Holland Honeyeaters are not an unusual bird to see, I did not have any decent pictures of them.  I think I may have fixed that issue!

As I said yesterday, its great to be back in the outdoors.

Safe safe, keep your distance, wear a mask and link up to WBW.  SM

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  1. New Holland Honeyeater is a bird we saw almost every day - and loved it every day. I have my fingers and toes crossed that you will not have to go into lockdown again, that freedom of movement is here to stay. I think you will go quite bonkers if they confine you again!

  2. What a stunning little bird and great photos of it, well done.

    Hope you do not go back into lockdown, we are in our second one now!!

    Keep safe, Diane

  3. They may be commonly seen birds but they are beauties. You took great photos!

  4. Beautiful photos! They look like a larger version of a couple of our warblers.

  5. How cute and pretty!
    Nice shots.
    Thanks for sharing. Take care!

  6. Hi Stewart, beautiful photos of this honeyeater. I like the yellow colour. They are different from our honeyeaters I think. Greetings Caroline

  7. Hari OM
    Definitely Bottle Brush (calistemon), Stewart... and what a fabulous series of the honeyeater! YAM xx

  8. I always loved seeing this bird Stewart. great shot and thanks for hosting. Stay safe and have a great week ahead

  9. You did indeed fix that issue. Beautiful pictures. Love the composition. Those pictures are framable! Stay safe!

  10. You have done yourself proud with those images. Worth waiting for!

  11. A very handsome bird!
    Thanks for hosting WBW

  12. Fixed the issue of not having good photos??? These photos look like paintings, Stewart!! They are beyond excellent!!...:)jp

  13. Hello Stewart
    In these pictures everything fits together, sharpness, light and of course the colors from the bird to the bush, very nice
    Stay healthy
    Greetings Frank

  14. Great photos of a beautiful bird! Keep on staying safe.

  15. Hi Stewart, what striking features this bird has! And what a pretty name too. I'll have to check to see if it comes anywhere near my corner of the world.

  16. Boa noite amigo Stwart!
    Fascinante o seu trabalho!
    Um doce sorriso!🌻🌼🌾
    Megy Maia🌈

  17. Superb photographs, Stewart! I really like the fourth one where he's voicing an opinion.

    Happy to see you're able to safely get out and about somewhat.