Wednesday 12 January 2022

Wild Bird Wednesday 494 - Brolga

This has not happened in about two years, but I will be away this week!  So, I am setting up WBW494 early.  

About a week about I went down to Werribee,  on a rather sunny and windy day.  I was hoping to find a pair of Brolga (Antigone rubicunda) which is one of the two species of crane found in Australia.  This species is found over much of northern and eastern Australia.  They stand over a meter in height, and have a wing span of over 2m.  They are a big bird.

However, being big did not make them easy to find at the start of the day - and by the time I had tracked then down, the perpetual summer problem of heat haze had reared its ugly head!  This little family group also seemed to like being behind the seed head of thistles and other weeds!!

I stayed with the birds for about 1/2 hour and then let then be.  It was a wonderful little period in what continues to be a difficult time.  But the birds always help!

As you can see, this pair of birds has a well developed youngster with them.  It was still being fed by the adults, but was about the size of a small dog!

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I managed to visit a number of blogs this week - but found it hard to comment on some.  In some cases I could not write in the 'comment box' at the end of a post.  Is anyone else having issues like this?

Cheers  SM

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  1. Lovely set of photos and so good to see Mum/Dad looking after the young one. I do love cranes.
    No I have had no problems with comments!
    Keep safe and enjoy the week away. Cheers Diane

  2. Hari Om
    Winner, winner!!! They are such elegant birds.

    Who knows with Blogger/Google; constantly updating to fix the glitch from the last update and then finding another glitch! In my case, it is that some of my fave blogs are not always turning up in my reader. Not consistent, one of those intermittant frustrators... YAM xx

  3. Enjoy your week away. The photos are good despite the heat haze.

  4. Oh these are delightful especially with your narrative. Very enjoyable. Yes I have had that issue where I simply cannot comment on a blog from time to time. Wishing you a good week my friend

  5. Lovely to see a young Brolga. One time I went to Aus. and I helped an annual count of Cranes in a particular area in the Tablelands. Thanks for hositng, take care adn have a good week

  6. They are beauties. I love to stand and watch birds too but I’ve never seen any as elegant as these!

  7. You may recall, Stewart, that I saw the only two Brolgas of my life at Werribee, with you as my companion. Yesterday at Long Point, we saw (and heard) a couple of thousand of their cousins, Sandhill Cranes. Sometime over the next couple of days I will regale you with the details on my blog. Enjoy your week away.

  8. Great photos!
    Thanks for hosting!

  9. Beautiful birds stewart. I like to see them too. Have a nice day !

  10. Hello Stewart,:=) The tall Brolgas are rather attractive, I just love your images of the adult with the young Brolga,it's so endearing. They remind me of Sandhill Cranes with that little patch of red. Very enjoyable read too.

  11. Have a good trip. You saved the best photo for last. As to commenting I have found that Safari doesn't let me comment but Chrome does. If you can switch browsers that may be a help.

  12. Have a safe trip..I hope it's for fun!! Beautiful birds..nice to see the family!!