Wednesday 16 February 2022

Wild Bird Wednesday 499 - Fairy Martin

These young Fairy Martins (Petrochelidon ariel) were loafing about on a wire fence at Werribee early last month.  They were present in very large numbers - which was great to see.  I wish I could have recorded the sound these birds - and associated Welcome Swallows - were making.  It was great.

Heavy work work, so only a short post this week.

Next week it will be 500 weeks since I started Wild Bird Wednesday - which feels pretty crazy I have to say.  I plan to do a 'special request' post for that week - so, if there are any birds you would like me to feature mention it in the comments over the next couple of posts, and I will see what I can do!  I have already received a request for some Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos, Fairy Wrens (male!), Magpies and Cassowary - but further requests happily received. 

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  1. Thank you for finding the time to share these, Stewart.
    Wishing you a good week🦜

  2. these are pretty birds and I am sure all of them together make a wonderful sound. Best wishes for work. Thank you for hosting and have a good week ahead.

  3. What a sweet little bird. I second Cassowaries in the special requests. Failing that emus. Cassowaries are like the bridge to the dinosaurs...I love them.

  4. Thanks again for the great photos. I usually can't identify many birds but always enjoy seeing them in your blog or when we are out and about. On a houseboat holiday many years ago we had the Welcome Swallows (I think?) accompany us for the 4 day trip on the Murray River in SA. Interesting birds flying in, out and under the houseboat. We also tried to see a Cassowarry in the bush at Mission Beach but had no luck so would love to see your photos.

  5. My middles name is Martin, and since I am genteel, delicate and fairy-like, I am obviously in love with this little hirundine.

  6. They look almost frail, but I cannot imagine their real "birdsonality." Nice views and I do wonder how they soung.

  7. I can't believe it's 500 weeks as I remember you stating this meme. A request from me would be a rainbow parakeet. It is a bird that reminds me of my only trip to Australia. When I first saw it, the beauty of all those colours on one bird took my breath away. It maybe a common bird for you but to me it will always hold special memories.

  8. Hello Stewart,:=) What a charming little bird. The Fairy Martin is another of your birds that charm me.
    No birds from me this week, but thank you for hosting.