Tuesday 21 June 2022

Wild Bird Wednesday 517 - Little Raven

The Little Raven (Corvus mellori) is the default raven (or as most people would call them 'crow') in Melbourne.  You have to got further North and West in Australia to start getting true crows.

That being said, the identification of this bird is still not as easy as it seems as we also get Australian Ravens in parts of Victoria.  Based on the behaviour of this bird, which included wing flicks after calling, I almost confident of my ID!

I love the range of expressions these birds (or possibly this bird!) seem to have as they were looking for food.  The picture were taken a few weeks ago in a local park.

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  1. I love to observe ravens and crows. They always amaze me with their behaviours. Clever birds!

  2. Happy to share more Java finches with you today! I like your crow. Very smart birds who hold an inquest when one of them dies unexpectedly

  3. Yes, even though their faces are frozen and expression-less, their posture and eye fixation seem to say a lot about what they may be thinking.

  4. At least Stewart we chose the same family of birds this week. yours are great shots . Thanks for hosting and I hope you have a lovely week ahead. I could not get the link to post properly this week hence the dawn shot that iis linked in!!

  5. It has bright eyes like our grackles.

  6. I once researched the difference between a crow and a raven...Can't
    remember what I found out,,Great pictures Stewart,,

  7. It does have quite interesting expressions!

  8. He's one of those smart birds that gets bored :-) It's such a joke, but not really. Ravens are so intelligent that they get food faster and therefore ... have some free time.
    Beautiful photos, the bird captured while taking interesting faces.