Wednesday 28 February 2024

Wild Bird Wednesday 605 - Great Crested Grebe

The Great Crested Grebe (Podiceps cristatus) is one of a limited number of native birds that I can see at home in Australia and here in the UK at present.  Although the birds in these two regions are classified as different sub-species, both European and Australian birds are called Podiceps cristatus, but they have an additional name added as well.

In the UK the Great Crested Grebe is an important bird in the history of conservation as it was its serious decline that prompted the formation of the RSPB.  The birds were being hunted to near extinction so that their head feathers could be used in hats.  Nobody except a Great Crested Grebe needs these feathers, so it great to see that the population has recovered well, and that you can now expect to see these birds (reasonably) commonly in the wild.

The first picture here was taken in the UK, in Somerset.  The remaining pictures were taken in Victoria.

An interesting point about birds and the internet:  distribution map for Great Crested Grebe on Wikipedia seems to suggest that this species is non-breeding in Australia.  Nobody seems to have mentioned this to the Australian birds!

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  1. Indeed a beautiful bird especially wonderful when they are displaying during the breeding season. Thanks for hosting and i hope you have a great week ahead

  2. Wow. Quite a range. Such a beauty!

  3. Golly, if they don’t breed, they must be immortal. ;-)

  4. Udany fotoreportaż, zwłaszcza, że one potrafią zniknąć z powierzchni wody! :-)

  5. Hi Stewart, beautiful photos of the crested grebe. Have a nice weekend !

  6. Love these photos, well done, I have masses of bird photos that I have taken here in Namibia but as the wifi is so slow you will have to wait for me to get home before I manage to edit and find (on many) IDs. I will return eventually! Cheers Diane