Thursday, 22 September 2011

Grampian Skies (Skywatch Friday)

Greetings – keen followers will know that I was The Grampians last weekend. (That’s in the west of Victoria if your geography of Australia is a little bit rusty!) Wonderful place. The best sky I saw that weekend was as I got out of the car in Halls Gap when I arrived. Huge sky, full of stars, with the streak of the Milky Way cutting the sky on half. I just looked – could not bring myself to try some picture after a very long drive – added to that was the fact that I wanted a glass of wine! (or 2)

So, these are two other pictures. It was blowing a gale for much of the weekend and the sky did not really put on a show. However, a number of people have mentioned the clear blue skies we get here – so I’ve posted one of them! Also (when almost being blown off my feet!) I noticed the other sky. I was drawn to it by the idea that the rock face and the cloud are sort of opposites of each other. Tell me what you think!
You can find more skies here at SkyWatch Friday.

You can find the latest post for my other blog by clicking the Paying Ready Attention image on the RHS of the screen. The most recent post is about Fishing rather than the Grampians!

Enjoy the skies!


  1. I agree with Tex, two faces in stare-down!! Beautiful skies and what a beautiful place! Terrific captures as always, Stewart! Looks and sounds as though you had a great time! Enjoy your weekend!


  2. Wonderful clouds and blue skies.

  3. Skies are lovely -- the wine sounds good too!

  4. Lovely sky and the mountains must be gorgeous!
    Have a nice weekend:)

  5. cloud=soft, fluffy, ethereal
    rock=hard, solid, grounded

  6. I love these shots! That first shot could have been taken on the drive from my house to Yellowstone.

  7. These pictures look so much like the U.S. desert Southwest that I feel at home!


    Sky above, sky aglow,
    Sky of rain and sky of snow;
    Sky of hail, sky of sleet,
    Sky cavorting o’er the street;
    Sky of black, sky of blue,
    In all seasons I love you!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Sky in a Puddle

  8. Gorgeous views - great shots.

  9. Oh, your Grampians pix are just making me jealous again!! Thanx very much ... have a great weekend!!

  10. You have a very beautiful blue sky. Here in my area it's gloomy and rainy. ^_^

    Peach Sky

  11. Wonderful landscape and a lovely, blue sky!

  12. Very nice photos.

    Regards and best wishes

  13. Lovely clear skies mmm, feel the warmth :)