Tuesday, 20 September 2011

World Bird Wednesday - Pied Currawong

I’ve been visited by a few Pied Currawongs of late. They seem to have designs on my lunch. These are magnificent (if not always popular) birds that can grow to about 50cm. Their lack of popularity may be due to their tendency to eat the chicks of other birds.

They have a wonderful, strange voice that always greeted me on autumn mornings at my last job. It’s just about the only thing I miss about it.

I’ve taken another step down the “colourful” as these don’t really even make it grey scale – they are black and white. I admit the eye may be a bit crazy looking and that have what can only be described as a “clanking great bill” (all the better to eat you with!).

They seem to be smart and have bags of character – I have to admit I like them!

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You can have a look at the most recent post from my other blog by clicking the Paying Ready Attention button on the RHS of the screen.

Enjoy the birds.

PS: This is my 100th photo-blog post!


  1. Hi Stewart. Congrats on your 100th post! I like the bird's eye though it is a bit piercing! I can see it as a cartoon character! Thanks for your comment on my flower post! Seem to be stuck on flwer posts for now. There is so much to see that I can not get to it all! Hope you will visit the flowers at least once!!


  2. Awesome Stewart on your 100th post! These birds always remind me of crows.

  3. A wonderful bird to see Stewart..I love the bright eye. Congrats on 100 posts mate I look forward to seeing/reading many more.

  4. I love their shiny black color, great shots!
    And congratulations!

  5. hii salam kenal iya dari vira .. :)
    jangan lupa mapir keweb vira iya di http://www.rumahkiat.com/ vira mau berbagi pengalaman nih.:)
    wah bagus juga iya blog ka2 ... ^_^ good luck iya.....

  6. That amazing beak does rescue them from drabness. Would love to hear their call! 'The better to eat you with' gave me a laugh. We have a 4-y-o grt-grandson who is afraid of birds because a crow grabbed some food out of his hand at an outdoor restaurant. (He will pick up bugs and snakes, but runs from birds!) I think he'll outgrow it. ;>))

  7. Congrats Stewart on your 100th blog post. Cool looking birds, they do remind of our crows here in the states. They like to eat our food too.

  8. Happy 100th! These are great photos. Those birdies look familiar to me, too!

  9. I suppose eating the young of others will always be considered a bit impolite even for a bird. It might be hard to recover your reputation after a few meals like that. That yellow eye is a bit freaky too.
    Congrats on your 100th post Stewart, a considerable accomplishment!

  10. Great photos of the Pied Currawongs, Stewart. I know all about their bad habits with young and eggs of other birds - but they look good and have an interesting call. I once saw numbers of them at a rainforest picnic area in NSW and they came around and caught whatever we threw up for them - they are fast.

  11. it seems to be from the crow family. It seem to have a really strong beak.

  12. They are impressive!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  13. Those eyes are mesmerizing! We have several black or dark brown birds with similarly yellow eyes - grackles, rusty blackbird... I wonder why? What's the advantage? Interesting post.

  14. Hi Steward!
    Congratulations on your 100th post!!!!! Great photos of amazing bird!

  15. Hello Steward, If this bird was solid black it would look much like a Raven. Must be in the same family. Neat 100th post!!!:)

  16. Congrats on your 100th post! The Currawong with his yellow eye reminds me of our Grackles.

  17. Thanks for giving the time to visit and leave me a response note Stewart M.
    Unexpected, but very appreciated.

    Kinda got caught up looking about... and decided this is a good moment to say thanks in kind...
    The Pied Currawong is often a visitor in my area of SE Queensland, I like them too, I find they are polite and will stay and chat for a bit, which is great because I love their eyes.
    Not like the all black Raven/Crow, which seems to have settled in where I am... quite happy to indulge in the grain out for the Pacific Black Ducks, but take off the moment I'm spotted... Guilty conscience is my conclusion...

    And yes... it's awful watching smaller birds chase after a Crow/Raven, sounding alarm calls, while one of their chicks dangles from the similar "clanking great bill"... a sight happening now with Spring in full flow.
    The Pied Currawong has spared me the sight, but then it doesn't Visit as often, nor has taken up residence.

    I'm enjoying discovering your part of Australia, and the Story and info you give.

    Congratulations on your 100th Photo Post... may many more 100s appear... they are worth seeing and reading about.

    Thanks from Magda and Family in Australia