Monday, 19 September 2011

Our World Tuesday - The Grampians

I spent this weekend in the Grampians National Park. That’s in the west of Victoria – about 3 ½ hour’s drive from Melbourne. Well it was more like four – buts that’s because two cars had a bit of a dispute on the freeway out of Melbourne and we all had to sit around and wait for them to sort it out.

The Grampians is a splendidly hilly kind of place – with long ridges of high ground that seem to sweep like solid waves across the land. The rock here is very old – 380 million years, give or take a pause for traffic accidents!

I had come to photograph the wild flowers – but it was really very windy, and the plants were flapping about like flags – this proved to be a challenge!

So – I took some picture of some rocks instead! They were about the only think not being blasted about. I walked up to the top of Mount Stapylton past the orange sweep of Taipan wall. This is regarded as one of the best climbing crags in Australia. 90 m of slightly overhanging sandstone. Even in the past when I used to do this kind of thing, I doubt I could have even got off the ground!

So, here are some images and a few “close up’s” of the rock face.

Just as you go around the end of the cliff you come to “Bird Rock” – which as you can see really does look like a bird! If you ever get the chance to visit you should take it.

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  1. I believe arija posted this same site today. Lovely

  2. What an awesome park! Love the colors of the rocks! And the bird rock is amazing! Terrific captures, Stewart! Hope your week goes well!


  3. Wow - the striations on that rock face are amazing and gorgeous!

  4. Hienoja kuvia 'Jylhästä-Maisemasta'.
    Hyvät sommittelut ja mukavat värit...!

  5. Glorious colours in the rock-face and that bird really does look like one. Glad you enjoyed yourself even with those very high winds which we also got to the detriment of my garden and shade-house plants.
    I am absolutely itching to go back again but am having a weekend full of relies for my 75th birthday.
    Great pictures Stewart. Hope to see more of your work on WBW tomorrow.

  6. I'm SOOOOOO jealous ... it's been WAY too long since visiting the Grampians - and the Mt Stapylton area is just amazing!! Thanx for the inspiration ...

  7. Great hike Stewart, and the rocks are beautiful!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  8. what wonderful scenery, amazing rocks.

  9. I forgot you are about 10 hours ahead of us, I was puzzled when I saw a Wednesday heading first!

    Those rocks are fascinating, must have been some terrific upheaval to get the vertical strata. I've always been interested in rocks, and now my grandaughter Catherine is a Geophysicist.

    First part of Pickering is up tonight.

  10. What a great park and wonderful pictures of the rock. Very intriguing!

  11. Hi...hard luck on the flowers flappin in the wind...but the rock formations are wonderful and of course I dore the rich colours!


  12. Gorgeous colours and amazing rock! Nature is the best artist ever.