Monday 12 December 2011

Our World Tuesday - Silverband Falls, The Grampians

More archive mining today.

This is the end point on one of my favourite (very) short walks in the Grampians – Silverband Falls. The last time I was there it was shut because of flooding!

This brings a number of questions to mind, most of which are stupid – but they do have the same feel as the classic old joke : “How does the man who drives the snow plough manage to get to work?”

Would have liked to have seen the waterfall in flood. So these shot were taken about a year ago!
I like the way the water just disappears into the rocks at the foot of the falls. The water reappears a little way down the valley. I was wonderfully cool and damp, and we had hot chocolate and biscuits!

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Enjoy the pictures.

PS: How are the pictures Tex?


  1. love your snowplow poser! ha! beautiful water flows!

  2. Such a lovely water fall and wonderful captures, Stewart, as always! I do love water falls! Hope your week is off to a great start!


  3. What lovely falls!

  4. Great photos, Stewart! Grampians are always fantastic to visit!

  5. What a strange sight! The water disappears!!!

  6. Hi Stuart, I am new here but of course I know you a lot for being our philantropist of Blotanicals. I've seen already some waterfalls, because i chase them, but that one is very unique because of the gravels piled up to address its impact. Amazing. I also have posted some waterfalls in my site, labelled Philippine waterfalls.

  7. A splendid capture of the fall and rock-face.
    If I were younger and decidedly nuts, I'd like to climb to the very top.

  8. We had a cabin on a hill as a child and we had the same type of rock formations and after it rained we would stand under the water fall...except we weren't supposed to be there so don't tell my Mother..

  9. That waterfall is really pretty. What a beautiful world!