Monday, 9 July 2012

Macro Monday - P's hair

This is the kind of shot I don’t take.  So, it’s a surprise to find myself (a) taking it and (b) posting it!
I live in a house surrounded by the slightly rare but ever so special kind of person – the red head! I live with three of them in fact!
This is a close up of P’s hair.  There are times when I am amazed by the colour of it.
You can find more macro shots, most of which will have less of the overt tang of parental pride associated with them (!), here at Macro Monday.
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Enjoy the close ups!


  1. gorgeous! i think a lot of ladies would pay big bucks for that shade!

  2. Gorgeous indeed, Stewart! Made me a little wistful, my hair was the same color before it decided to go all white!! Ah, the joys of old age!! Terrific shot for the day!


  3. There is something so special about red hair glowing with light. My granddaughter hates being photographed yet let me take some photos of the wonder of sunlight haloing her in red-gold.
    Lucky you to have three of them, you hardly need a fire in winter.

  4. What a beautiful color! I've tried dying my hair that color many times. Oh that it was natural!

  5. Wow - what amazingly beautiful hair!