Tuesday 13 July 2021

Wild Bird Wednesday 468 - Stubble Quail

This is another bird we found on my recent night excursion to Terrick Terrick National Park.  These birds are Stubble Quail (Coturnix pectoralis).  This species is at the other end of the threat spectrum to the Plains Wanderer I posted last week.  The Stubble Quail is the most common quail species in Australia and is classified as of 'least concern' in the threat stakes.  We saw at least half a dozen of these birds on the ground, and a few more flushed away as we approached. 

For a Quail this is a large bird - weighing in at about 100g - and is has diagnostic white supercilium (an eye stripe of sorts).

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Hope everyone is well.  SM

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  1. My word, Stewart, you really did hit the high spots on this venture. Well done with the pictures too. I have no doubt that night photography has its own problems.

  2. Hari OM
    Delightful shots - bravo! YAM xx

  3. Great night photos. I’ve never tried bird photos at night.

  4. A neat looking bird. Does it sing?

  5. Fabulous photos Stewart and amazing photos for night photography. Well done. Hope all is well over there. Cheers Diane

  6. Interesting feather pattern..Well camouflaged ..Wonderful pictures..The only thing I have photographed at night is the moon and snow..Have a good rest of your week..

  7. These are lovely pictures, perfect use of artificial light.

  8. It looks quite dapper in stripes.

  9. Very interesting to read about this quail, Stewart. We have grouse here on the property and usually get a fright when we encounter them. They suddenly burst into the air with quite a wild flurry! Never good for a photo, LOL.

  10. Hello Stewart
    I myself have laying quails coturnix japonica
    look almost the same ..
    Greetings Frank

  11. Stewart - have you heard about this in the news? I know you're in Australia, but you're one of my "go to" bird people, and this is very troubling news.

    Mysterious Bird Deaths in the Mid-Atlantic [United States] region
    Jun. 28, 2021

    In late April, scientists and the public noticed something odd about the birds in the mid-Atlantic region — a surprising number were exhibiting strange symptoms, such as crusty eyes or shaking heads. The birds were often sick or dying. Smithsonian scientists need your help to figure out why.

    More info at the Smithsonian Institute:


  12. I have only seen one quail out in the wild, Stewart. It was when we lived in VA. Of course, it was not as attractive as yours!!!...jp

  13. Hi Stewart, beautiful photos of this bird of your night excursion. It's a big Coturnix coturnix.