Wednesday 29 September 2021

Wild Bird Wednesday 479 - Yellow-throated Miner

These images are rather more abstract than some of the ones I post - but I like them.

These are (or this is) Yellow-throated Miners (Manorina flavigula) in the Mallee.  I am not sure I would have really identified them as such without help, but luckily help was on hand.  In the future I will look for the distinctive white rump which is a clear field mark.

We are slowly coming out of lockdown - and now all of my family is double jabbed, so we have done our bit for the community.

The Yellow-throated Miner is found across mainland Australia, and I suppose that the Mallee counts as that!

Hope all is well.  To join in with WBW, click on the link below.  SM

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  1. Ni I am afraid I would not have known that either Stewart. Thanks ofr hosting Stay safe even with the jabs and have a lovely week ahead

  2. Hari OM
    These are excellent shots, Stewart - making the bird that absolute star! YAM xx

  3. Great shots.."yellow throated" is a stretch!!

  4. The bird looks like it is scowling which is fascinating!

    Glad everyone has the jabs!

  5. Its gape resembles that of a nestling. Interesting and strange (to me of course, as are nearly all your species)

  6. Interesting face! I've never seen one of these.

  7. Nice shots of the Miner. Sorry I am so far behind with photos but will catch up one day. I have just had my 3rd booster but we are still being very careful!! Cheers Diane

  8. Outstanding find! I would be quite happy with these images, abstract or otherwise.
    Thanks for sharing another "exotic to me" bird, Stewart!