Wednesday 21 September 2022

Wild Bird Wednesday 530 - White-Browed Scrubwren

We managed to get away last to East Gippsland last weekend, to Walkerville South - a very small costal settlement about two hours east of Melbourne.  It's been a crazy time for me for a while, and I have exciting news to share next week!

During a short walk on the beach I came across a number of birds feeding on the strand line of tide washed - and rather smelly - seaweed.  I had gone there expecting to photograph gulls, and was surprised to walk away with some of the best image I have taken of a number of 'bush' birds.

These are White-Browed Scrubwrens (Sericornis frontalis).  This is a species found along most of the edge of Australia, with the exception of the much of the west and north coast (which given the size of Australia is a pretty decent 'except'!)

These birds were (I assume) a pair as one bird seemed to be regulars giving food to the other.  You can see this behaviour in one of the pictures.  From what I could see, the birds seem to have been feeding on small snail, but that I bit speculative!

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  1. Hari OM
    Well, that's a wee cutie! Might the feeding be part of courting, one wonders? YAM xx

  2. You can see how that bird got its name Stewart. Thanks for hosting. Have a great week ahead

  3. I didn't know they ate seaweed. How interesting.

  4. This is interesting! I'm back to the wildfowl, I see everyday here in Honolulu

  5. Two little beauties indeed. I was surprised to see two goldfinch feeding among the seeweed here this summer.

  6. Hello Stewart, Sweet captures of these cute wrens. :=)

  7. Beautiful photos of this little bird Stewart.