Wednesday, 28 September 2022

Wild Bird Wrensday 531 - Superb Fairy-Wren

 Well, after 531 weeks this will be the last WBWs posted by me when I have a full time job!  From next week, I will be freelance and with luck, a lot more relaxed!  More time for birds, pictures, blogs and stuff that makes me smile.

Anyway - back to the birds.  This weeks WBW is brought to you by the Superb Fairy-Wren (Malurus cyaneus), which is a bit of a crowd-pleaser if there ever was one.

This birds - and as far as I can tell there are three different individuals in these pictures - were feeding on the strand line of the beach at Walkerville, Victoria.  I had gone looking for gulls and such like, but found these brightly coloured male Fairy Wrens instead. 

Hope you enjoy them!

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  1. Stewart This is one of my favourite Australian birds. Lovely photos. Thanks for hosting and have a great week ahead

  2. Hari OM
    Congrats!!! Big changes for you; may they all run smoothly. The wren is never disappointing... YAM xx

  3. This bird is superbly pretty, Stewart! Thanks for sharing.
    All the best!

  4. I love your fairy wren Stewart. What a nice bird. Congratulations on this good change in your days

  5. I see a similar bird in Costa Rica. Aptly named.

  6. The sand background really brings out the blue. What a gorgeous colour!!

  7. Hello Stewart,
    This is good news that you will have more free time to devote to your passion and your blog. I always enjoy seeing your Australian birds, and the beautiful Fairy Wren is a particular favourite one of mine. Lovely shots!
    All the best.

  8. Beautiful perky bird in a great variety of poses to show off its plumage. Congrats on your career move, but remember that once you are on your own you will have a very tough boss-- yourself!

  9. Congratulations and best of luck on your life-changes!

    It's easy to see why the Fairy-Wren is a crowd-pleaser. Great photographs!