Monday 5 September 2022

Larapinta Trail - Sections 4 to 8.

More pictures from my recent walk.  What a 16 days.  Just remarkable.  I want to go and do it all again.

Maybe one day.

The last picture is from Counts Point on section 8, and this may be the most famous view on the whole walk.  It goes on for ever.  I could have stayed all day.



  1. That area does have a rough beauty. One color stands out in every photo for me, a shade of orange. Were you camping?

    1. Yes I was camping. I was not carrying tents etc every day, but we walked the whole trail from camp to camp in 15 days. We were on a tour, where the camping stuff was moved by vehicle, and we only carried what we needed for the day. Still, 230km was a long way! SM

  2. Spectacular! The fourth photo is quite intriguing!

  3. Urocza wycieczka, ale na pewno się zmęczyłeś. Kiedyś chodziłam po górach, teraz spaceruję tylko dolinami, ale i to jest piękne.