Tuesday 30 August 2022

Wild Bird Wednesday 527 - Spinifex Pigeon

Well, after 527 weeks I can saw that these are the least impressive pictures I have ever chosen to share on WBW.  So, if you are new here, please forgive these rather inept images - they are not normally like this! (I hope).

This is a Spinifex Pigeon (Geophaps plumifera) an endemic Australian species found over much of arid and semiarid northern and central Australia.  There are at least four races / subspecies of this colourful bird.

These pictures were taken under less than idea conditions with a camera I would not nominate as a suitable one for wildlife photography!  I used my little Olympus back-pack camera for these, and as the sun was shining very brightly on the LCD screen on the back I could not actually see what I was photographing!  Spray and Pray indeed!

I consider it a minor miracle that I managed to get images that are even this good!

So, in another departure, here is an image of this species from the web. As

(Andreas Trepte, www.avi-fauna.info.)

As you can see its a remarkable bird, which I was very pleased to see for the first time in ages.

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  1. That is a beauty. And so proud of itself! So different from pigeons here!

  2. Hari OM
    Love it, Stewart - very much 'of the moment' and so no less an image (or more) for that! YAM xx

  3. Hello Stewart, :=) What a gorgeous bird,...it doesn't even look like a pigeon. I have never seen this bird before, but it makes a really good impression. Many thanks for sharing this remarkable looking pigeon.
    All the best.

  4. Beautiful photos Stewart. A beautiful bird. Greetings Caroline

  5. Quite an ornate pigeon. I carry a loupe which does come in handy to proof the LCD images when the sun is strong.

  6. I had one of those days. Saw a large bird swoop down beside the road ahead of me. Slowed down and just as I stopped, it swooped back up, a huge hawk right in front of my car! It had a snake in it's beak! Of course, I was not ready to take a picture and even if I had been, there was glare on my windshield. Oh well, it was neat to see and I'm glad I stopped and didn't hit it with my car.

  7. Despite the photos, you have a record of having seen it which is important. Cheers Diane

  8. Gratuluję spotkania. Rzeczywiście niezwykły ptak. Taki do namalowania ;-)