Sunday 16 April 2023

Pictures from an exhibition.

A couple of weeks ago I went to an exhibition / installation in the old (and unused) part of Flinders Street Station.  This is one of the two main railway stations in Melbourne - it is the station for all the local train-lines.

The installation was about summoning a feeling for the past.  This is the way it is described in the information on the web site.


Flinders St Station

Set in the long-abandoned third-floor wing of Flinders Street Station, Time is a nostalgic love letter to mid-century Melbourne and a tribute to one of the city’s great icons.

Created and developed across the past three years, this truly exceptional site-specific experience is Rone’s most ambitious project to date. Profoundly atmospheric, Time captures both the grand scale and character of the site and the minute detail of a period of Melbourne’s history long lost to progress.

A fictional history that transports audiences to post-WWII Melbourne, Time is inspired by an era when European migrants powered the city’s booming manufacturing industries. A vignette of mid-century working-class life and an ode to the faded yet enduring beauty of this forgotten place, Time captures the spirit of the city’s industrious past while offering glimpses of the station’s role as a once-glorious hub of work, learning and social life.

Twelve installations, each room adorned with Rone’s haunting signature murals, the artist and his team have created an immersive, multisensory installation that audiences will remember for time to come.

The images for the newspapers, come from papers that were used to cover the windows in part of the exhibition.  One of the 12 installations was a post office sorting room - and an original 1950s book of all Melbourne street addresses was open to the pages that contained our house!  A really rather remarkable coincidence!

Unfortunately the exhibition is now sold out - if not I would go again.  SM


  1. Hari OM
    Oh my... that made a surprising, but wonderful change from birds! I love installations like this, so much to see and absorb, so completely understand why you say you would go again. Thanks for bringing some of it to us. YAM xx

  2. You caught the place beautifully. I used to visit when it was hosted in Geelong.

  3. That was an amazing time. And an amazing coincidence! Thank you for sharing. Something I would have enjoyed going to

  4. Quite a change from you usual fare, Stewart, but equally enjoyable.

  5. I enjoyed this walk back in time! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Niesamowite wnętrze! Ja uwielbiam takie stare przedmioty w oryginalnej formie, takie zakurzone i zniszczone. Mam nieco takich po dziadkach. I do tego sztuka - obrazy wkomponowane w tą sentymentalną aurę!

  7. Interesting post and photography..Would love to visit there...loved the sign about overhearing telephone conversations..I always liked the way books were bound in those days..Made for nice displays.