Wednesday 20 September 2023

Wild Bird Wednesday 582 - Down by the Bay.

On Monday of this week I caught up with some other photographers for a morning of birding and pictures at Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary.  After almost suffering a heart attack at the price of the parking - and moving to a nearby street - I located my companions and off we went.

It's reasonable to say that the birding was not that great really, and as it was the first day of the school holidays, maybe that was a bit predictable.

But I have to say that walking along the beach with a group of like-minded Nikon users more than made up for the lack of action from our feathered friends.

Most of the birds we say were common ones, but that's the way it goes.  As normal the Rainbow Lorikeets were the stars of the show.

I ended my walk with a coffee and a caramel slice!

Hope everyone is well and that the birds are cooperating!  SM

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  1. The Lorikeets are an explosion of color. Nature is so amazing!

  2. All very nice, but the lorikeets are simply gorgeous.

  3. The water birds are surely amazing to look at. So are the rosellas.

  4. Hari Om
    Never decry the 'ordinary' for it forms the anchor of life! YAM xx

  5. Hello Stewart.
    This is an area I haven't visited. The beach with the rocks is beautiful. There are some beautiful birds, even common ones for you. Parrots are always very cute.
    It seems that the season is starting very strongly with El Niño in the south-east where you live....
    Enjoy your evening.
    Oh... I'm Canon ,🤣

  6. The lorikeets are gorgeous but I love gulls too! Great shots!

  7. The lorikeets are spectacular!

  8. Time spend with like minded people pursuing a common interest is always a joy. It recharges the soul. Glad you had the opportunity.

  9. This parrot is so beautiful, wonderful. You took wonderful photos of her. Thank you! Maybe one day I'll try to paint a parrot. Can I use your photos?