Friday 18 December 2015

A Christmas Helper (?)

I was deeply involved in wrapping some presents last night when I was visited by my faithful and furry friend, Mr. Hudson.

He had a very close look at what I was doing, then decided that he would sit on the wrapping paper.  After I had persuaded him to move on so that I could actually gain access the the paper, he discovered that the very best place for him to sleep was the recycle basket, where (you will not be surprised to hear!) I was trying to place the offcuts from the wrapping paper!


You can find more images of cats animals from around the world at Saturday Critters.


  1. He's gorgeous and so angelic lookIng...gotta love him..they always have to lie on your work! My Christmas cards ended up all over the floor last week. Such great company.

  2. I wouldn't have it any other way either. The first picture is great. >^..^<

  3. Oh, what a gorgeous boy!! My Tiger was always my helper on such projects, too.

  4. I understand cats are a man's best master.

  5. Maybe he was trying to help you! :)

  6. What a great cat. Love the name. Cats definitely have minds of their own. That first shot is awesome.

  7. Its got beautiful eyes. It is like a kid.......take notice of me never mind that job..

  8. He is a handsome fellow with an attitude and I, too, love his name!! Thanks for sharing the fun and your pics are terrific -- as always!! Hope you both have a great weekend, Stewart, as always!!

  9. They love papers and trees and ornaments..and, well, Christmas is crazy if a person has cats.

    One Christmas morning I had 3 cats sitting, sleeping on and sleeping under wrapping paper that they had spent the night removing from all the was hilarious...but, nobody got any surprises for gifts that year.

    Then, there was the year I had to finally string my tree up with dental floss to each of the corners of the living room in order to hold it was down every day for days til I did that.. and, then...well, I could regale you with cat stories of holidays for quite some time......get lots of great pics Stewart! ... they will make you laugh all year.... well, some of them will......

  10. This made me laugh. I went through similar this week when I was trying to wrap up a couple of Christmas a limited space...with two cats who believed they should give me a hand/paw!

    They do similar every time I change the sheets on my bed...they believe it's game time! What should take me only a few minutes to do...ends up taking me forever!!!! The kitten in them comes out...both Remy and Shama are now 13 years old...but they don't count the years, nor do they feel them!

    I would hate to be without them in my life! :)

  11. Hari OM
    Cats sleep anywhere
    any table
    any chair
    top of piano
    window ledge
    in the middle
    on the edge
    open drawer
    empty shoe
    anybody's lap will do
    fitted in a cardboard box
    in the wardrobe with your frocks
    anywhere! They don't care.
    Cats sleep anywhere.
    (E. Farjeon)

    Couldn't resist: bit like Mr Hudson oo

    YAM xx

  12. Oh those gorgeous green eyes ... you can't get upset with him, he is so beautiful. But, yes, he is being a "cat". I have three here and there isn't anything I can do without some feline interference ... Wait until he starts eating the bows on the packages you have already wrapped, or climbing into the Christmas tree to get the ornaments. So far you have been lucky if just getting in the middle of things is all he does :)

    I have taken a break from the blog because I have been very busy with Christmas, working with the Raptors and getting what I can ready for my Thailand trip before my son leaves in less than two weeks. I also have a derth of birds for some reason. Oh yes, there are plenty of sparrows, but there are only so many ways to photograph a sparrow. Now that it is cold, I am hoping the eagles with show up at the lake, but so far nothing ... I will return after the holidays even if I have to go into the archives.

    That said, I do want to wish you and your family a wonderfully Merry Christmas and New year. I would send you a card, but don't have your address ... that is the downside of ( or maybe, in some cases, the upside) of being blogging friends ... there seem to be limits. I had hoped to make it to Australia while I was in Thailand, but the time will be short (two weeks) and my son has a whole itinerary planned. Since he is married to a Thai girl, I can only guess that I will be back and the next time Australia will be at the top of my list. Fingers crossed ... when you get as old as I am you can't always count on things happening the way you want. So best wishes to you and your family, Stewart ... Enjoy, Enjoy ... the best holidays are when you have children to share them with :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  13. Gotta love 'um. Make us realize we are not the masters. I had one cat that slept around my shoulders as I leaned over my computer. Kept my neck warm too. My phone callers didn't appreciate my scream as I leaned back to talk on the phone, causing her to dig in to hang on.

    Thanks for you blog and you blog network. Merry Christmas.

  14. How funny, Stewart! Sounds like you've found what your cat wants for Christmas. Hope you and your family have a good one, too, though, it's hard to imagine Christmas at 100 degrees.

  15. Love that pose in the second photo-- "Just you try to move me!"

  16. I love your Christmas helper. He's very handsome.