Sunday 17 June 2012

Macro Monday - Cold Ivy

This is a rather old picture, but it’s been a busy week!
This was taken on a frosty morning in the UK.  The overnight temperature had dipped down towards zero and I decided to take a brisk walk.  As I now only see one or two frosts a year I looked forward to a walk in the cold.
I did take a few pictures, but most of all I just enjoyed the cold.
You can find more macro shots at Macro Monday.
You can find the latest post to my other blog by clicking on the Paying Ready Attention image  on the RHS of the screen.
Enjoy the close ups.


  1. I adore frost and frosty shots. This one is lovely.

  2. I empathise, I miss real cold and snow as well.

  3. i like ivy - even frosty. :)

  4. Beautiful, frosty shots, Stewart! And what a great macro for the day! Hope you have a wonderful week! Enjoy!


  5. I just discovered your blog today. I recognized some of the names here and thought I'd take a look. I like your photos and think I'll tag along. Thanks!

  6. Beautiful shiny ivy leaves Stewart, and I really like the way they're clinging to the rock.

  7. Old or new, it's a terrific shot! I like the look of ivy covering the side of a house.

    *The green colour on the fungus is not algae. That particular fungus- turkey tail, produces concentric zones of colors fanning across the shelf, in shades of browns, grays and greens.

  8. Pretty!! Frosty pics are a favorite of mine!